Olivia Jade's Initial Trademark Applications Were Rejected Due To "Punctuation Errors"

Olivia Jade's Initial Trademark Applications Were Rejected Due To "Punctuation Errors"
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Following the news that Lori Loughlin and her husband, J. Mossimo Giannulli, had taken steps to fill out Olivia Jade's application to the University of Southern California in the college admissions scandal, the blogger is now facing blowback for something else entirely.

The 19-year-old blogger tried to trademark the title, "Olivia Jade Beauty," and the United States Patent and Trademark Office sent Olivia a letter warning that her filing is in danger of abandonment due to poor punctuation as well as insufficiently used language.

Documents obtained by the outlet, People Magazine, claimed that government officials identified Olivia's application as riddled with errors of punctuation. Her application was also denied for failure to adequately explain the individual items in the list of products.

Moreover, the USPTO workers claimed punctuation is incredibly important in the process for the sake of differentiating between products and services. It's to avoid ambiguity and make things as clear as possible for the legal process.

What makes this report so interesting to the public is the fact Olivia Jade's parents, Lori Loughlin, and Mossimo, allegedly paid off University Of Southern California officials so she could become a member of one of their sports organizations, specifically, the rowing team.

The recent report identifying her "punctuation errors," clearly holds some kind of insinuation: the suggestion that her spelling and grammar weren't sufficient for her Olivia Jade Beauty brand.

As it was previously reported, Olivia's mother and father were among dozens of people charged in a national admissions scandal involving big universities like Stanford, the University of Southern California, Georgetown, and Yale.

Following the news of the cheating on her parents' part, Olivia's brand on social media, including her Instagram and YouTube, has taken a significant hit. It's unclear if Olivia even knew about her parents' actions, but either way, she'll suffer the consequences, as will her parents.

Olivia had a business partnership with the makeup juggernauts, Sephora Collection, but it was abruptly ended amid the scandal. Their relationship started in December 2018.

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