Olivia Culpo Gets Real On Social Media - Hopes To Show That Not All Is What It Seems Online

Olivia Culpo Gets Real On Social Media - Hopes To Show That Not All Is What It Seems Online
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According to a report from Page Six, Olivia Culpo wants to help put an end to the harmful stereotypes often inadvertently perpetuated by social media influencers. The 27-year-old model recently dished on her battle with depression from a few months ago, as well as how it affected her body and mind.

In the caption of two different photos in which she sported a slimmer body, Olivia said that one of the photos was from when she was at her worst, including drinking, smoking, and not eating much food on account of having a loss of appetite.

Olivia said she was actually struggling emotionally while she was taking those photos for her social media account. "But I was still taking photos on social media and pretending everything was great." Moreover, she stated she was going through a tremendously difficult situation.

As it was previously reported, Olivia and her ex-boyfriend, Danny Amendola, split up after a whirlwind on-and-off romance. They first called it off for good in October 2018, however, they briefly got back together in the new year.

Danny was photographed on the beach with the journalist, Bianca Peters, reportedly playing a role in their relationship's demise. As for why she chose to offer this side of her life, Olivia said she wanted to be more authentic and show people that her life isn't always perfect.

The star went on to say it's impossible to know how someone is really doing on the inside. As it was previously reported, Olivia and Danny ended their relationship permanently earlier this year, moreover, after their breakup was revealed, Danny took to his Instagram to briefly explain why.

In a now-deleted post, the football player said their expectations and lifestyles are just too different. Paraphrasing Donny, the star explained the way in which Olivia needs attention from Hollywood and the entertainment industry to make money, whereas, Danny does not.

Interestingly, sources who spoke with Page Six also claimed similar reasons were to blame in the fall-out of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk. Others on social media believe Lady Gaga was at the heart of the issue, however.

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