Oliver Stone Speaks On Cancel Culture And Gone With The Wind Disclaimer On HBO Max

Oliver Stone Speaks On Cancel Culture And Gone With The Wind Disclaimer On HBO Max
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During a conversation on BBC World Service's radio program, The Arts Hour, the acclaimed director, Oliver Stone, spoke on what are some of the most controversial issues of the day. Indie Wire picked up on the interview in which Oliver touched on a number of topics, including the idea of cancel culture.

When asked what his thoughts were about much older, potentially offensive films, being pulled from streaming platforms, Oliver Stone claimed he didn't think much of it.

As it was previously reported, Gone With The Wind was pulled from HBO Max this past month, only to return with a disclaimer before the film begins. Stone claimed it was "very true," that Gone With The Wind was a "colored treatment" of the historical south.

However, he argued that it was a "classic" movie, and it was the film of his mother's generation. Stone went on to say the movie had touched so many people's lives, even though some of the content today might be deemed as offensive.

According to The Doors filmmaker, the film represented an overly positive view of the southern United States during a controversial time, that being a time of slavery. With that in mind, however, he thinks it shouldn't be erased from history.

In addition to touching on cancel culture, Stone also addressed allegations that he demeaned actresses during the casting procedure of his film, The Doors. Moreover, he addressed the allegations that he groped Carrie Stevens at a party one evening.

According to Stone, he was never the type of person who would intentionally harm another. It was never in his nature. As it was previously reported, Stone was accused of sexual misconduct amid the allegations of rape against Weinstein. He was accused of assault after he called for due process.

Stone said at the time that he believed in the right of the accused to go to trial. Furthermore, Stone also spoke on a recent project in which he spoke with Vladimir Putin.


Stone had been accused of "going too easy" on Russia, however, the director claims the way he approached it was the proper way to go about it. Had he been too interrogative and aggressive, it would've made for a poor interview, and ultimately a sub-par project, the filmmaker explained.

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