OJ Simpson Launched A New Social Media Account Where He Claimed He Was Going To Get 'Even'

OJ Simpson Launched A New Social Media Account Where He Claimed He Was Going To Get 'Even'
Credit: Source: NBCNews.com

According to a report from ABC News, OJ Simpson recently launched a Twitter account in which he said on it with a tweet, "got a little gettin' even to do." Simpson confirmed that he created the new account during a brief phone call with The Associated Press, in which he said it would be "fun."

The former football player, who recently claimed he was responsible for Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian's split back in the 1990s, said he has some "things to straighten out."

Mr. Simpson didn't explain what he planned to do, however, some people on social media believe he's just doing whatever he can to get his name in the headlines. For the most part, however, Simpson has managed to keep a relatively low profile ever since he was released from prison in October 2017.

OJ Simpson allegedly tried to steal sports memorabilia that originally belonged to him from a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson said to his fans and followers that he had a lot of things to say, and his account would just be a way of telling people how he really feels about current events.

During a conversation with the Associated Press, the star said he was happy and living his best life in Las Vegas twenty-five years after his ex-wife and her friend were killed. Ronald Goldman, as well as Nicole Brown Simpson, were murdered on the 12th of June, 1994.

The infamous trial was a nationwide spectacle for the way in which it highlighted a few different issues in the United States, including police misconduct, domestic violence, and racism.

Close family members and friends of the two victims are reportedly disgusted with the fact OJ Simpson has been able to live the rest of his life without facing other consequences. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million for the deaths of Nicole and Ronald but he never paid.

Simpson has repeatedly stated his innocence in the killings, and the murder case is officially unsolved to this day. Speaking with The Associated Press, Simpson said he and his kids refused to talk about what happened to them ever again.

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