Offset Threatens Chris Brown After Getting Slammed By Him

Offset Threatens Chris Brown After Getting Slammed By Him
Credit: Source: The Blast

It was recently reported that Offset and Chris Brown currently have an online feud and 21 Savage seems to be the trigger. Chris got really mad after Offset called him ‘lame’ for not showing support for 21 Savage and instead, sharing a mocking meme.

A lot of celebs have been sharing tons of more or less hilarious memes involving 21 Savage these days.

Now, Offset also has something to say, and he concludes everything by threatening Chris that he'll beat him up when he sees him. Check out Offset's Instagram post here:

Someone posted: 'Beef over a nikka that’s being held at ICE 🤦🏽‍♀️ I swear these rap nikkas always have a point to prove to the world. All that money they have & he wanna take it to the streets 🤦🏽‍♀️ sad.'

Another follower wants these two to make up: 'How about y’all squash it....and make a record and video about something positive for black history month... @offsetyrn @chrisbrownofficial y’all both super stars and well-respected turn this into something positive...✌🏿🤞🏿'

Someone else believes that the true reason for this feud is Cardi B. Here's what the person said: 'He wanna fight cause Breezy took a shot @ Cardi... You guys should squash this...'

One commenter warned Offset and said: 'You really don’t wanna beef with Chris brown son.... 🤷🏻‍♀️ maybe he not ghetto like you but No.'

Chris has been also busy these days  praising Remy Ma for supporting him  during the recent ordeal that he had to go through with the arrest in Paris over false rape allegations.

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