Offset Shares A Photo Of The Last Time He Saw His Dad Before The Emotional Reunion

Offset Shares A Photo Of The Last Time He Saw His Dad Before The Emotional Reunion
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It was recently reported that Offset had not seen his father in decades, but now, a miracle happened and these two reunited. The rapper also shared an emotional video on his social media account.

His fans and friends were in awe, and they praised what has just happened.

Now, Offset shared a throwback pic of the last time that he saw his father as a child and he made his fans emotional all over again.

A commenter said 'This is a blessing 🙌 EVERYBODY from East Tarboro knew this was his father... we are just happy to see a father and son reunited NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY HE HAS! I'm pretty sure CurtMoe doesn't want anything from his son but to be in his life... Let that man and his son live.'

Someone else posted 'I never knew my father after 33years later .i recently spoke with him on the phone for the 1st time. And I must say this, The Best Part about the Present is you can always change the future and make tomorrow better. GOD BLESS.'

One other supporter told Offset to 'forget, forgive, and give love without thinking about the past is the key to a better and healthier future my respect for this teaching others, I also forgive my father, 😍@offsetyrn.'

Offset has not seen his dad since he was four years old. The rapper eventually managed to reconnect with his father in the most emotional reunion that has been filmed and posted on Instagram the other day.

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