Offset Says That Hip-Hop Heads Should Be Kissing The Migos' Feet For Bringing Hip-Hop Mainstream -- Gets Bashed By Lupe Fiasco!

Offset Says That Hip-Hop Heads Should Be Kissing The Migos' Feet For Bringing Hip-Hop Mainstream -- Gets Bashed By Lupe Fiasco!
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Offset is making his rounds to promote his new album 'Father of Four.' After catching the attention of his baby mama for a comment made about the paternity of his daughter, the 27-year-old is ticking off some of the veterans of popular rap with his latest interview.

Offset chatted with Ebro of 'Ebro in the Morning' on Hot 97 about the hate that younger artists receive from the older generation. Although some of the most popular rap songs seem to be a poppin' beat masking misogynistic and drug-filled references, the genre is the number one type of music listened to in this new age.

If you ask Offset, instead of hating, the hip-hop heads need to be thanking the new wave rappers for making it so mainstream.

"If you’re an older artist, you should be thanking us, kissing our feet. Not just the Migos… Hip-hop has never been the No. 1 genre ever. Right now when you go to Spotify, you’re not seeing the other genres [like] pop, country."


The 'Taste' musician added: "Because of how streams is, people are listening to hip-hop more than any other time. So you should salute us, we made this bigger than it ever was. You fought for it, you set the tone, your style is just different."

The problem that hip-hop veterans have with today's popular songs is that you don't necessarily have to have talent in order to have a successful career. With the right trendy look and a producer who can make a trap beat -- almost anyone can be a rapper.

Additionally, many feel that the songs don't have meaning the way that they used to. Lyricism is not as appreciated as it once was.

Lupe Fiasco shared his opinion on Offset's recent remarks via Instagram in a lengthy caption that read, in part: "The metrics of industry don’t successfully define the essence of hip-hop nor do they replace its legacy or the efforts of its pioneers who achieved great things with little to nothing in terms of materials (i.e. the internet and massive marketing budgets) and from that poverty of capital created a Culture, not a business, a legitimate Culture and were actively combatted by opposing forces from all walks of life. Streaming and selling records is only a part of the project that is hip hop. It’s a great feeling and milestone to sell a million records and be celebrated for that achievement."

What do you think about what Offset said? Is he being cocky or does he have a point?

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