Offset Says He's Going To Sue The Police After Getting Arrested On IG Live

Offset Says He's Going To Sue The Police After Getting Arrested On IG Live
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Offset , the Migos member and former husband of Cardi B was apprehended by the Beverly Hills, California, police this weekend . Hot New Hip Hop and other outlets claim the rapper managed to capture part of the interaction on his Instagram Live account.

Thus far, the context of the video hasn't been confirmed nor established, but The Daily Mail says Offset was fighting with Trump supporters while he drove through a rally. The rapper reportedly said to the police officers who told him to turn off his vehicle, "I'm not doing no orders, you got guns pointed at me, bro."

The rapper goes on to say in the video that he wouldn't put himself at risk by turning off the engine, because he didn't want to take his hands off the steering wheel. Offset says to the police officers that he heard they were waving firearms at people.

Additionally, Offset says to the police officer that he watched someone hit his car with his flag. Later, the authorities nabbed Offset and took him away in handcuffs, and the entire interaction was filmed by spectators and other people in the crowd.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Cardi B was there for the incident as well not long after reports came out saying they have since rekindled their romance following their split earlier this year. No one knows whether Offset was taken into the station or not.

As it was previously reported, Cardi B and Offset split up approximately one month ago. At the time, it was claimed by a number of outlets that the two rappers called off their marriage and were going to start going to court over child support and other payments.

However, Cardi B and her team later came out and said they were amending their petition for child support payments. They no longer wanted to get child support from Offset, that way the legal battle would be clean and stressless.


Approximately one month later, and sources claimed the couple were already back together again after many fans speculated that Offset had been caught cheating on her again.

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