Offset Reportedly Really Happy Cardi B Took Him Back - He Thinks They're Perfect For Each Other! 

Offset Reportedly Really Happy Cardi B Took Him Back - He Thinks They're Perfect For Each Other! 
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When Cardi B filed for divorce and then proceeded to not even talk to Offset for a couple of weeks, her husband apparently missed her ‘so bad!’ That being said, it makes sense he is so happy that instead of going through with the divorce, Cardi decided to take him back!

This is what an insider report claims to know, also mentioning that he loves her a lot and thinks the two of them are just perfect for each other.

After filing for divorce on September 15, Cardi B changed her mind, giving her marriage with the Migos member another chance and Offset could not be more grateful.

The source told HollywoodLife that ‘Offset‘s beyond relieved and happy. He loves Cardi so much and he was missing her so bad. Even just a couple weeks of not seeing her was really hard for him. It was a true wake up call for him and it has showed him how important this relationship is for him.’

This comes after the parents of Kulture were caught packing the PDA at her birthday party on October 10, not even a month after Cardi filed for divorce.

Not too long after, the WAP star told her followers that she wanted to teach her husband a lesson when she filed the papers and that they were indeed back together.

About her intentions, the source mentioned that Offset is ‘not mad that she filed for divorce, he doesn’t blame her at all. He knows the kind of woman that she is and loves that she is so passionate. He is just happy he was able to convince her to take him back. Offset loves Cardi and all the crazy stuff that she does. He knows how she works and the passion they have for each other really makes them go a little overboard to make a point.’

At the same time, the source claims he knew she was serious about the divorce but also knows how ‘seriously she falls in love.’

Furthermore, regardless of how many arguments they get in, Offset knows they are just perfect for each other.

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