Offset Promises To 'Change His Ways' After Getting Back Together With Cardi B - See His Message

Offset Promises To 'Change His Ways' After Getting Back Together With Cardi B - See His Message
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As many of the fans expected, Cardi B eventually decided to forgive Offset. These two not only rekindled their romance but they also celebrated their love with a vacation in Puerto Rico .

They were caught by the paparazzi jet-skiing together, and Hollywood Life also reported that they were all smiles. Well, it seems that things are back to normal.

Right after that Offset shared a photo of himself on his social media account and he posted a message to go with it.

'I’m searching for the man in the mirror,' Offset wrote under the photo.

The rapper finished off Michael Jackson’s verse, adding, 'Telling him to change his ways.'

Offset denied sleeping with Summer Bunni, the woman who apologized to Cardi and then changed her mind and slammed her.

She also paid a visit to Hollywood Life and had a few things she wanted to get off her chest about Offset:

'Everything the rumors said, the threesome? So true. It’s nothing to lie about; I just don’t feel like we should lie,' she said.

She continued, 'It’s out there, just tell the truth. But Offset has owned up to what happened, he’s apologized, but he entertained me for a while.'

She went as far as to say that she is the one feeling hurt after the whole thing.

Anyway, it looks like Cardi's divorce plans are off and she and Offset are giving their marriage another try. We'll see how this works out.

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  • Kim
    Kim Jan 22, 2019 5:49 PM PST

    At first I was outraged but I remember what it feels like to really love somebody. He deserves another chance I guess. He better make it count cuz she can have anybody she wants. Kulture deserves 2 parents.

  • Rickey Medley
    Rickey Medley Dec 22, 2018 1:27 PM PST

    Women rule. Love you Cardi B. Success comes with a cost. Offset needs to "pay attention". Kids two parents.

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