Offset Praises Wife Cardi B’s Creativity With Sultry Photo From Her Press Video

Offset Praises Wife Cardi B’s Creativity With Sultry Photo From Her Press Video
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Offset is proud of his wife Cardi B, and he is not afraid to let people know it. The rapper used social media to praise his lady love's creativity by sharing a sultry photo from her new 'Press' video.

He used Instagram to list several reasons why his wife is the best, as well as why his followers should immediately watch the 'Press' video. The 27-year-old shared a screengrab of his baby mama in the video. Cardi B is wearing white lingerie and wielding a gun. She looks like a force to be reckoned with in the picture.

"PRESS VIDEO OUT NOW. SO CREATIVE" and "PUTS SO MUCH EMOTION & HEART IN VIDEO" Offset shared, using all caps to ensure his over 12 million followers got his point of praise for his wife.

Although Cardi B is worthy of her man's praise, the video has not been without a little bit of controversy. It is certainly not suitable for everyone to watch. The footage contains a nude army, police interrogations, blood, and a trip to court. Oh yes, it is creative but also has a unique perspective.

Despite their ups and downs over the past year, even separating for a minute last fall, Offset is proving his devotion to Cardi B and not by just praising her creativity. The Migos rapper is standing by her as she faces 12 different charges, including assault, harassment, and conspiracy" for her involvement in a strip club brawl .

"Offset is a huge help. He has her back all the way on this. He's so supportive and so positive. Anytime she does start to worry he helps to calm her down. He knows all the right things to say," a source close to the couple shared with Hollywood Life .

Cardi B and Offset have been all about the PDA lately. Along with him praising her Press video on social media, the parents to Kulture were all over each other at the 2019 BET Awards on Sunday night.

They even took their show of love on stage, where Cardi B gave her man a lap dance. Yep, the rappers are putting their love for their family on display as they continue to prove the haters wrong and fight for their marriage.

Have you watched Press? Do you agree with Offset praising Cardi B's creativity in it?

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