Offset 'Never Wants To Lose' Cardi B Again - He Reportedly Felt 'Saved' When She Took Him Back!

Offset 'Never Wants To Lose' Cardi B Again - He Reportedly Felt 'Saved' When She Took Him Back!
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After almost losing Cardi B , Offset is apparently acting like a changed man and that has been making her very happy! After all, the female emcee filed for divorce from her husband and father of her child just to teach him a lesson so she’s definitely pleased to see that it worked!

It sounds like the Migos member has truly stepped up to the plate when it comes to his relationship with the WAP rapper.

He is now on his best behavior because the alternative is losing Cardi B for good and that is the last thing he wants to happen!

As you may know, Cardi previously admitted to filing for divorce from Offset to teach him a lesson since they would be constantly arguing.

But when she then called off the divorce, he felt ‘saved,’ one insider report claims to know.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Offset has been spending the majority of his time with Cardi and when he’s not with her he’s always in contact — he never misses her calls. You can tell he’s not trying to do anything to upset her. He was so crushed when Cardi filed for divorce, so when she took him back and called it off, he felt saved. But, he knows that the next time he might not be so lucky to get another chance, so he doesn’t want to mess this up and that’s very evident.’

They went on to explain that ‘Offset loves her so much and ever since she took him back he’s been much happier and he never wants to lose her again. He got a scare when she filed for divorce and knew he had to step up. He really is doing his best to be there for Cardi because he loves being a family with her.’

Another insider stressed that, in spite of having some marital struggles, at the end of the day, Offset really can't see himself with anyone else other than Cardi.


Thankfully for him, at this time, they are doing really well and looking forward to spending the holidays as a family, with their baby girl, Kulture.

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