Offset Is Still Fighting With Cardi B Despite The Expensive Gifts

Offset Is Still Fighting With Cardi B Despite The Expensive Gifts
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A $100,000 Christmas gift is not enough to stop Cardi B and Offset from fighting.

For the holidays, the Migos rapper attempted to win Cardi B's heart with tons of pricey gifts including six designer purses, (including one that sells for $6,950), and a Birkin bag that costs over $15,000.

He also spent a fortune on fancy jewelry, but the couple is now feuding over their New Year's plan in Australia.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Cardi is a little heartbroken that she won’t be spending NYE with Offset, they were supposed to be doing this trip to Australia together, so it’s a big readjustment. But she’s also still a long way from forgiving him for everything, so in a way, she’s glad she’s far away, and he’s forced to pay some consequences and be left missing her on New Year’s Eve.”

The family friend went on to explain: “Cardi can’t deny their chemistry and her attraction to him remains strong. There is no one else she would rather kiss at midnight, or better, sleep with, after a night of partying. She still feels like it is okay to keep him around to satisfy her needs in the bedroom and so for that reason, she will be missing his hot body on NYE.”

After Offset cheated with several women, Cardi filed for divorce but they later reunited in Puerto Rico.

A friend of the femcee shared: “Friends of Cardi‘s and Offset’s feel that they will be formally back together at some point soon. Everyone in their inner circles know that their love runs truly deep. Offset is well aware a formal reconciliation is up to him, and Cardi reminds him of that regularly,”

The pal added: “They’re talking a lot and both would love to get things back on track. Cardi is a ‘what you see is what you get ‘type of person, and she is tough but also very generous and loving. What Offset did really took her back and hurt her, but she would like to get to a place where she is with him again. She just knows it will take time and feels that he has to be putting in all of the work.”

There is a lot of drama in this relationship.

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