Offset Is A Big Support To Wife Cardi B Amid Her Court Case - Here's How!

Offset Is A Big Support To Wife Cardi B Amid Her Court Case - Here's How!
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Cardi B faces time behind bars after she allegedly started a brawl at a strip club alongside her entourage and she has been pretty stressed out about it. Luckily however, her husband and fellow rapper Offset has been there for her, showing Cardi his full support and helping her calm down.

After pleading ‘not guilty,’ Cardi B chooses to be confident that she won’t have to do any time at all, even though she faces a maximum of eight years in prison.

He confidence and positive outlook on the whole situation may be in part a result of her husband’s undying support.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi is not letting the possibility that she'll go to jail enter her mind. She knows that she is innocent and she’ is confident in her lawyers, so she is letting them handle it and trusting that it'll go her way. She is human so of course it is a scary situation, but she is not letting the fear get into her head. Offset's a huge help. He truly has her back all the way on this.’

They explained to the news outlet that ‘He’s so supportive and positive. Anytime she starts to worry he helps calm her down. He knows all of the right things to say. Plus, she has got such a full plate right now and so much going on with work that she does not even have the time to sit and stress even if she wanted to.’

As fans know, two bartenders at Angels Gentlemen’s Club in Flushing, Queens have accused the rapper of attacking them alongside her group of friends due to her believing that they were previously involved intimately with Offset.

All in all, the insider dished that Cardi is sure she won’t have to go to jail and that her legal team will take care of it.

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