Offset Hit With Multiple Felony Charges For Atlanta Arrest Including Gun Possession

Offset Hit With Multiple Felony Charges For Atlanta Arrest Including Gun Possession
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Offset has been hit with multiple felony charges, including gun possession as the fallout from his Atlanta arrest last summer continues.

In July the rapper was pulled over in Atlanta, Georgia for making an illegal lane change. When the police officers approached the car, there was an overwhelming smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The smell prompted the cops to search the car, where they found three guns, marijuana and $107,000.

Cardi B's husband is now facing some serious charges from the Clayton County D.A.'s Office. The charges against the rapper are now, a felony charge for firearms possession by a convicted felon, misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession and the improper lane change. At the time of his arrest last summer, Offest was also charged with a felony charge of possession of a weapon, but it has since been dropped.

An official plea of not guilty was entered into court by Offset in March. He is expected back in court in May. According to TMZ, the father of four's lawyer believes Atlanta police targeted him because he is wealthy, successful and black. The lawyer allegedly further believes the initial traffic stop was bogus and merely a way for the vehicle to be searched.

If Offset lawyer's theory is at all credible, his being targeted could stem from a car incident he was involved in back in May 2018. The 27-year-old crashed his Dodge Challenger on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Thankfully no one was injured, and no other pedestrians were affected by the accident. Offset claims the incident occurred after he swerved off the road to avoid hitting a "cracked" who just walked in front of the vehicle.

Offset will have his day in court soon to face some serious charges against him, including felony gun possession. Since he was on probation at the time of his arrest last summer, there is a good chance he could spend some time in jail if he is convicted of the felony charges. However, based on TMZ's report of the Migos lawyer's theory of him being a target, he just might get off with a fine and a warning.

Neither the rapper nor his legal team has spoken out regarding the felony charges of how they will proceed next month. His not guilty plea is the only sort of statement that has been released.

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