Offset Has A Huge Problem With Bad-Smelling Rappers And Cardi B's Huband Has A Solution For It

Offset Has A Huge Problem With Bad-Smelling Rappers And Cardi B's Huband Has A Solution For It
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Offset has made his fair share of comments about hip-hop and the music industry as a whole over the years, and it looks like the rapper is not entirely done in this regard just yet.

Recently, Cardi B's husband took the opportunity to call out many in the rap scene for a problem with body odor.

According to Offset, many rappers can benefit from showering more often and using deodorant regularly. In a video, while showing off a few pieces of jewelry, he proclaimed his love of Dove soap: "Wash yo' a$s. I know a lot of you rap boys. Y'all be smelling a lil' stank too boy. You be spraying yourself with all that cologne. Wash yo' a$s man. My assistant gets cussed out if he leaves this anywhere cause I don't like any other soap... Squeaky clean. I like to smell good. I like my skin to shine."

He did not want to point out specific names, but his comments have managed to draw a lot of attention from the public, with many people finding the rapper's statements quite humorous.

Offset then went on to explain what kinds of accessories he typically brought with himself when he was traveling, which ended up drawing some ridicule from his fans.

Many pointed out that the rapper seems a bit too concerned with his body -- perhaps more than the average woman, either -- and he could tone down this aspect of his personality to some extent.

That did not seem to sit well with Offset, though, as he has continued to insist that he needs his full range of accessories to feel well and perform at his best.

And it is not like fans have any reason to believe that Offset has no idea what he is doing. The rapper has made it clear that he understands the implications of his career better than most people around him in the industry, and he has stood by his opinion.

These days, the Migos rapper has been busy enjoying a lavish vacation with his wife, and fans are here for the sexy photos.

One person said: "I just wanna take the time out to wish my role model a happy birthday your the funniest craziest greatest female human alive ❤️😍just want to let you know @baddie_rowe_ love you with all my heart ❤️😩just want you to enjoy your days so the fullest 😈👑🎊 I love you cardi b just a regular girl from Jamaica 🇯🇲❤️🎊I love you bestie 😍🙌🏽😭@iamcardib👑❤️"

Another supporter claimed: "Dope! y’all cutting up out there, I’m missing out. 😩"

This follower stated: "Haha...Don’t do it sis... there are nasty little organisms in the ocean... discovery channel... they will go right up in your c@ochie 👀😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ @iamcardib @offsetyrn y’all are so cute. Y’all should drop a mixtape together, and that be the cover. 🔥"

Offset has a unique place in hip-hop right now.

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