Offset Flirts With ‘Scrumptious’ Cardi B After Night Together At A Strip Club - Are They Back Together?

Offset Flirts With ‘Scrumptious’ Cardi B After Night Together At A Strip Club - Are They Back Together?
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Cardi B and Offset continue to fuel the reunion rumors by spending more and more time together and even openly flirting! After all, Cardi filed for divorce and even stated that she no longer spoke to her estranged husband but that was just before her birthday when things seemed to change between them!

At Cardi’s bash, Offset not only surprised her with a luxury car gift but they even shared a kiss.

But that was not all! Now, the parents of Kulture decided to take a trip to a strip club together!

Obviously, the two rappers have been living their best lives in Atlanta while apparently enjoying their rekindled relationship!

In an IG Story the Migos member posted earlier today, Cardi B can be seen lounging while on her phone after a long night.

‘Hey, Lil mamma. What’s your name?’ Offset asks, flirtingly.

This post came after the night where Cardi and Offset were spotted raining it big at a ‘gentleman’s club.’

Offset went on to further ‘catcall’ the mother of his child in the video.

‘What’s your name, Lil mama? I’m trying to get to know you. You want me to get to know you, baby? I need to get to know you. Because you look scrumptious,’ he ended up complimenting her.

In response, Cardi simply told him she was hungry, prompting Offset to continue his flirting by telling her he had ‘something you can eat,’ obviously not referring to actual food.

Does this all mean that the divorce is no longer happening or are the two just spending time together as friendly (and flirty) exes?

Previously, Cardi explained that the reason why she filed for divorce was the constant arguing she was sick and tired of.

‘Nothing crazy, out-of-this-world happened. Sometimes, people really do grow apart. Sometimes you are just tired of all the arguments and the buildup. You get tired, and before something happens, you leave,’ she explained at the time.


Whether something has changed for the better in their relationship ever since, or not, only time will tell!

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