Offset Comes To Cardi B's Defense After The Rapper Admitted She Drugged And Robbed Clients

Offset Comes To Cardi B's Defense After The Rapper Admitted She Drugged And Robbed Clients
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The Migos rapper and husband of Cardi B, Offset, has come out in defense of the Invasion of Privacy artist. This past week, Cardi B has come under fire for stating in a video that she and drugged and robbed a man once after meeting him at the strip club where she worked.

On Friday morning, Offset went on Twitter where he defended Cardi B's honor, stating that he would bet on Cardi B more than any other artist in the world. Offset began his comment on Twitter with the grammatically egregious remark, "every bartender stripper with the dream of getting out the club it's nun wrong with that."

Offset said to his millions of followers that many of the people who are hating on her on social media are simply motivated by jealousy, greed, and resentment. Offset later retweeted a post which said that Cardi had inspired a new generation of women to rap.

Offset said on his Twitter account at a later date that people should be careful when dealing with success because success brings resentment and hatred. He then said that he would "ride or die" for the mother of his child, Kulture Kiari.

As it was previously reported, the Migos rapper and Cardi B recently called it quits back in December after it was revealed that Offset had cheated on her. Offset and Cardi B got married in a private ceremony more than a year ago, and since then, their relationship has been marred by rumor and gossip.

However, whereas Cardi B normally escapes criticism easily, this time, social media users are coming after her more than usual because of her admitted actions from the past. In a post, Cardi explained she had never claimed to be perfect, however, some users have pointed out the double standard.

In other words, if a man were accused of drugging a woman without her consent, he would suffer extreme financial, personal, and even psychological consequences for his actions.

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