Offset And Cardi B Share Photos From Anniversary Celebration -- Are They Planning On A Big Wedding?

Offset And Cardi B Share Photos From Anniversary Celebration -- Are They Planning On A Big Wedding?
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Things between Offset and Cardi B have been strange ever since the two started going out, and at some point, there was a very real danger that their marriage might end completely.

The two have managed to pull through though, and are doing better than ever, judging by recent reports.

Cardi B and Offset recently celebrated their wedding anniversary, and they were quick to share photos from the event, making it clear that they both had a great time and are still very much in love.

Cardi posted a photo of herself together with Offset, captioning it with lots of love for her husband.

She added that the two were still learning a lot about each other and their relationship in general, and are moving forward with full force.

Reports from their celebration indicate that everyone managed to have a good time, not just the couple in love.

And while there have been some rumors indicating that things between them might be going in the wrong direction once again, this does not seem to be the case.

Quite on the contrary, both Offset and Cardi B have made it clear that they are on the right track and do not want to stray from it. Hopefully, that will be the case in the near future as well.

Cardi B has been surrounded by a lot of controversies, and this could easily play into her attitude towards her partner at the rate things are going right now.

Judging by the comments she has been received, things might get quite nasty soon.

A source told Hollywood Life that the couple will not be taking part in a big wedding anytime soon: “At some point, it’s possible they could renew their vows somewhere down the line. Cardi and Offset are in such a great place right now, they’re more in love than ever, and they love spending as much time together as possible.”

The person added: " But as for an official ceremony, that’s just not in the cards for them. They don’t feel the need or the pressure to celebrate with a big, lavish wedding because their wedding day was perfect and everything they wanted.”

The two hip-hop stars were able to lay low and grab less headlines recently about their relationship.

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