Odd Couple Alert! Demi Moore Reportedly Dating 'Hangover' Star Ed Helms

Odd Couple Alert! Demi Moore Reportedly Dating 'Hangover' Star Ed Helms
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You know him as Andy from The Office and as Stu from the Hangover trilogy, but now you may know Ed Helms as Demi Moore’s new man. Insiders say that he is dating the Ghost star after meeting her on the set of their new movie. Could the odd couple really be an item?

Helms and Moore met while filming Corporate Animals – their latest movie that is set to premiere next year. He has never been married, but she has had three failed marriages. Her first was to musician Freddy Moore, the second was to Bruce Willis, and her third was to Ashton Kutcher .

Since Moore and Kutcher split in 2013, she hasn’t had any public relationships. There was a rumor not long after her divorce from the Two and A Half Men star that she was dating an art dealer named Vito Schnabel and then musician Sean Friday – who were both 24 years younger than her.


And, as Your Tango reports, there was another rumor of an affair with Harry Morton, a restaurateur who is 19 years younger and who once dated her oldest daughter Rumer.

For years, Moore has had the reputation of dating much younger men, and insiders say that this has caused problems between her and Rumer.

“It gets complicated between them. Demi is still a gorgeous woman and goes for younger guys who are right in her daughter’s age group.”

But Helms is 44, and only 11 years younger than the actress. Sources say that he is someone that Moore can relate to, who is also handsome and hilarious, and she is starting to figure out that dating much younger guys might not be the best course of action for a successful long-term relationship.

Moore recently surprised everyone when she appeared at Willis’ Comedy Central Roast, and she told the crowd that she was married to him for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense since “the last two sucked.”

She also joked about why their 12-year marriage came to an end. She said that she believes it was because of jealousy – she “rocked the bald look better than he did.” But the jabs didn’t end there. She also revealed that Willis had said after their divorce that the end of their marriage was his biggest failure.

But Moore reminded him that he much bigger failures – like Planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk, campaigning for Michael Dukakis, and turning down George Clooney’s role in Ocean’s Eleven so he could focus on playing the harmonica.

Catch Demi Moore on the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis Sunday night on Comedy Central.

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