Nova: Marvel Studios will produce a series or movie for Disney +

Nova: Marvel Studios will produce a series or movie for Disney +
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The House of Ideas has the odd unannounced project that will continue to expand its television universe of superheroes.

With  Moon Knight  on the horizon as far as the television section is concerned and with  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness  set to be released in theaters in May (and even with  Thor: Love and Thunder  on the horizon), it has just been reported from  Deadline  that Marvel Studios would currently be developing a  Nova  project, one of the unknown characters in this superhero universe, which, however,  is one of the most powerful that we can find . Of course, those who have played the  Guardians of the Galaxy  video game will already know what we mean.

Nova is part of Marvel's cosmic branch,  rubbing shoulders with those Guardians above of the Galaxy and Thor . This is  Richard Rider , an enhanced member of the Nova Corps, the police force that we could see in  James Gunn 's 2014 feature film starring  Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldaña, Dave Bautista, and company . Hardly anything is known about the project, but in principle, a series for Disney + is already being written.

Sabir Pirzada , the screenwriter of  Moon Knight , would be working on the project, and of course,  Kevin Feige  would be the producer. The rumors are unclear, and it is not known if this is a series or a movie. Still, for now, it is more firmly believed that we are facing a new television series, which would make all the sense in the world not to break the cinematic chronology that Marvel has stipulated right now. However,  it could also work  (and maybe even better).

It was already rumored in 2020  that there was a  Nova  project on the table, but now the rumors have gained a lot of strength, and it is clear that this character is wanted to be officially presented. We don't know how he will be integrated or what his impact will be because he should be linked to the  Guardians  somehow, and the next stop for these is the third installment that  will be released in 2023 with Gunn again in the direction . So maybe we will have the first official teaser or something like that by then.

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