Notorious Sweater Kurt Cobain Wore During MTV Unplugged Performance Auctioned Off For $330,000

Notorious Sweater Kurt Cobain Wore During MTV Unplugged Performance Auctioned Off For $330,000
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According to a report from Rolling Stone, Kurt Cobain's famous green cardigan he wore during Nirvana's set on MTV Unplugged sold for a whopping $330,000 at an auction this Saturday, making it one of the most expensive sweaters ever sold at an auction. Moreover, it doubled its final bid price from approximately four years ago.

Back in November of 2015, Kurt's sweater was sold through Julien's Auctions for $137,500, far surpassing the previous estimate which was set at $60,000. Before the Saturday auction took place, the sweater had passed the $200,000 minimum bid before going past the $300,000 pre-auction estimate.

Furthermore, the sweater came with a handwritten letter of provenance from Jackie Farry, who was Frances Bean Cobain's nanny and a personal friend of Courtney Love. Courtney gave her the sweater after Kurt Cobain killed himself in April of 1994.

Earlier in the month, Darren Julien from Julien's Auctions said to reporters from Rolling Stone that it was incredibly important they didn't wash it. "The stains are still there," Darren remarked. He added there were cigarette burns on the cardigan as well.

Another item that went up for sale at a high price was his custom Fender Mustang guitar, which he used during the In Utero Tour. It sold for $340,000. According to Courtney Love, who wrote a letter telling its story, it was the songwriter's favorite instrument.

Earlier this year, it was also reported by the New York Post through, that the home where Kurt Cobain killed himself went up for sale for approximately $7.5 million. On the 5th of April, Kurt reportedly did heroin for the final time and shot himself on the property.

Consequently, Kurt's death became an important part of the history of rock and roll music. According to the Seattle-Post Intelligencer, Kurt and his widowed wife purchased the home for $1.48 million in January of 1994.

The Hole singer and Nirvana frontman never did have the time to enjoy their new home, because Kurt's death was just four months after the purchase.

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