Noelle Robinson Reveals If She Still Talks To Her Ex-Stepfather Peter Thomas

Noelle Robinson Reveals If She Still Talks To Her Ex-Stepfather Peter Thomas
Credit: Source: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas didn't have the worst Bravo divorce in history; however, it wasn't all peaches and roses either. Noelle Robinson recently revealed if she still talks to her ex-stepfather.

Noelle is the daughter of Cynthia's ex Leon Robinson but was raised many years of her young life by her dad and stepdad Peter for the time he was married to the model.

The 20-year-old revealed to Bravo's Daily Dish whether they still speak or not.

'I talk to him every now and then. Our relationship is not as close as it used to be. But he definitely, if he sees me ever doing anything, he always makes sure that he supports me. And, you know, whether it’s sending a text or through social media, he always makes sure that he keeps up with what I’m doing and supports me all the way, which I really appreciate.'

This was a follow-up question from last year where she admitted that their relationship definitely evolved after Cynthia and Peter's divorce in 2017.

Noelle also has an amazing relationship with her mom's fiance, Mike Hill.

In fact, they got along so well that she stayed with the sports reporter in California when she rethought her career path.

Robinson reflected on ow she feels about Mike in a 2019 interview with the publication after rumors swirled her mom was engaged.

'I love Mike. We have such a great relationship and it happened completely organically. We have gotten super close. I really love how happy my mom is since she's been with him. I'm just really blessed that he came into our lives.'

The aspiring model actually just moved out of her future stepdad's house. In the middle of a pandemic at that.

It's great to see that Noelle and Peter still are in contact.


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