Noelle Robinson Answers Fan Q&A Regarding Her Famous Parents

Noelle Robinson Answers Fan Q&A Regarding Her Famous Parents
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Noelle Robinson has been very candid about her personal life in the last few months, including conversations about her college career, and her recent "sexual fluidity" come-out story. On the 24th of March, Noelle uploaded a YouTube video in which she laid more details out for everyone to see.

Noelle started out the clip by revealing she had a series of questions from fans that she was purposefully avoiding, including about her parent, the reality star, Cynthia Bailey. When asked by a fan if Robinson was treated differently on account of her mom, Noelle said, "Yes and no."

According to Noelle, a lot of it depends on circumstances and the individual, themself. For instance, if she notices they act differently or "move funny," she understands how to recognize it and completely move on from them.

Robinson admitted she has a close circle of friends now who treats her no differently than anyone else, which is what she prefers, of course. The daughter of the reality star claims that as the years have gone by, she has recognized particular behaviors and red flags.

For example, if the person in question is always asking about her parents, that's a bad sign and they should probably be avoided. Moreover, Robinson said having celebrity parents has facilitated a certain way of handling others, including the creation of personal boundaries, especially at school.

As was noted above, this isn't the first time Noelle has opened up about her personal life. On the 28th of March, 2020, Alexis Stone reported on Noelle's conversation with Cynthia in their backyard . Cynthia wrote on the 'Gram that her daughter interviewed her for her YouTube channel recently.

Cynthia claims Noelle has been trying to do it for a long time, however, on account of work she was never able to do it. The coronavirus pandemic changed everything, however, and she now has the time to chat with her daughter for the young star's YouTube channel.

Fans on social media praised both parties and the video has since been viewed many times.

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