Noah Cyrus Savagely Says Her 'Biggest Mistake' Is Her 'Last Relationship' With Lil Xan!

Noah Cyrus Savagely Says Her 'Biggest Mistake' Is Her 'Last Relationship' With Lil Xan!
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Things between the two young artists did not end well, and now, Noah Cyrus seems to be regretting ever dating Lil Xan! In fact, she did not even hesitate to say their relationship in itself was her biggest mistake!

It all started when WorldStar Hip Hop's Instagram asked its followers: ‘What mistakes did you make in your last relationship that you won't repeat again?’

That is when Miley’s younger sister decided to jump in with an answer of her own, but instead of picking one instance she regrets, she wrote: ‘My last relationship was the mistake. Lol.’

As fans may remember, Lil Xan and Noah began their short-lived but intense romance back in August.

A few months later, they were already over after the rapper accused Noah of cheating in a public post.

‘I feel like I am probably being cheated on,’ he wrote on Instagram at the time, post that has been deleted since.

Of course, Noah denied that was ever the case!

Even though at some point, Lil Xan admitted it was his fault things ended between them, they never tried to reunite.

Noah also addressed the situation at the time, assuring her loyal fans that she was Okay about it all, although a bit ‘confused.’

She went on to argue that ‘there's no point in drama just because [I have a] tour, EP, [and my collab with] PIZZASLIME.’

‘I just need to focus on me right now, and I do not really need to have a boyfriend right now anyway. I realized when everything blew up in my face. You do not need a man to make you happy,’ she went on to say, adding that dads are the only men you should need in your life.

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