Noah Cyrus Leaves Little To Fans' Imagination With New Pictures -- Is She Doing A Remix Of Miley's Past Behavior?

Noah Cyrus Leaves Little To Fans' Imagination With New Pictures -- Is She Doing A Remix Of Miley's Past Behavior?
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The younger sister of Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus, was recently spotted on social media showing off herself in red panties, visibly determined to show as much as she could of her figure.

She was also seen in a video sharing a joint (apparently) with an employee of In-N-Out.

It looks like she has been living quite the lifestyle judging from her social media activity, and she has been enjoying a lot of attention from her fans as well.

However, not all of it has been positive. Some have been critical of the way she has been portraying herself, claiming that she has been going over the top.


Others seem to be directing the blame at her sister, Miley Cyrus, claiming that she was a bad influence for her younger sibling.

Miley went through a difficult period several years ago when she tried to completely change her image into a more “hardcore” one but was met with ridicule from all sides.

Moreover, while she has calmed down a little bit at this point, it does look like her antics have managed to have an effect on people in her family.

Whether Noah will continue walking down the same path or if she will eventually calm down is hard to tell.

However, for now, she seems to have no qualms at all about the kind of lifestyle that she has been living.

In fact, she appears proud of it all and has been eager to share all that with the world on a regular basis.

Also, for what it is worth, she has been enjoying quite the attention as a result as well.

One fan stated: "Noah my love. I need a hug and kiss from you. I've been through a lot for this love, and all it takes is a hug. A kiss. A smile. Would you give me a hug? Please say yes or at least like my comment or something and make my day 💖 I love you so much unconditionally and I really need your attention. Please do it.💖"

A second fan shared: "I wish I could get in the studio with you and sing with you.❤️"


A critic explained: "I think it is funny when rich kids post pics trying to look all suffrage. Poor baby..hows the Lamborghini."

Another person added: "I literally cannot stand you with long hair. I’m so petty, but I can’t follow you anymore.😂😂😂"

Do you think Noah is pushing things too far?

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