Noah Cyrus Gets Honest About Her Struggles With Depression And Anxiety

Noah Cyrus Gets Honest About Her Struggles With Depression And Anxiety
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In the last few years, celebrities, artists, musicians, and other public figures have taken it upon themselves to talk openly about mental health struggles. Noah Cyrus has recently joined that list, following the revelation that her song, "Lonely," was about her struggles with depression and anxiety.

Back in September of this year, Cyrus dropped the aforementioned song, and revealed the moving piano ballad theme came from an era of her life in which she felt "stuck in this place that (she) could not get out of."

According to the singer-songwriter, she needed to escape and had to have the conversation because she couldn't hold those feelings in her body anymore.

Noah explained that she simply didn't want to deal with it anymore, or she was going to "explode." Luckily, Noah had a very empathetic manager who was just a phone call away from her. She spoke with him on the phone and helped her walk through her emotional challenges.

According to Cyrus, discussing her challenges openly with those she trusted was instrumental in her ability to overcome those toxic feelings, which included depression and anxiety. The star urged others who suffer the same problems to speak to those closest around them.

Cyrus admitted in the interview that there are times when she simply doesn't know how to solve a problem in her life, "I'm a baby," the performed joked. Cyrus went on to claim her strength was providing emotional support to others, but she wouldn't be able to ace a math test.

Earlier this week, Noah was in the media headlines for a more positive reason. Tana Mongeau, the notorious Youtube personality, denied rumors of a relationship with Noah Cyrus. During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight on Friday, Mongeau admitted she might've started the dating rumors with the title of one of her youtube videos.

Mongeau admitted Noah had a charismatic quality about her that she couldn't put her finger on. From one of her earlier videos this month, Mongeau referred to her 19-year-old counterpart as her "girlfriend."

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