Noah Cyrus And Tana Mongeau Crush Short-Lived Feud On Social Media

Noah Cyrus And Tana Mongeau Crush Short-Lived Feud On Social Media
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According to a report from Us Weekly, for the past 24 hours, fans have speculated that Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley, and Tana Mongeau, the YouTube star, have been feuding vehemently, but apparently, that doesn't appear to be the case.

In a YouTube video posted on Tuesday, Tana, claimed the 19-year-old singer hated her because she and Tana both, dated the cloud rapper, Lil' Xan, in the past. In the nearly hour-long video, Tana claimed she heard through the grape-vine that Noah absolutely hated her guts.

Detailing an encounter at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, which Noah attended with Lil' Xan, Mongeau remembers seeing Lil' Xan walking sternly toward her. You can check out Noah's official tweet below:

According to Tana, the animosity was palpable, creating a significantly awkward situation between her and Noah. Moreover, Tana claims Noah even straight-up bumped into her as she walked away. Despite Tana's best intentions to make the interaction go smoothly, it didn't.

After the YouTube video came out, Noah chose to speak on the matter, essentially dispelling Tana's fear. Noah told her on Twitter that she definitely doesn't hate her. She went on to say that they should text each other and talk about how women often mistreat each other.

As it was previously reported, Noah and Lil' Xan were an item for approximately one month before they broke it off in September 2018 due to cheating allegations and other drama. The actress went on to say in an interview with Breathe Heavy that the dissolved romance left her in a condition of "mourning."

Later on, however, during an interview on the  No Jumper  podcast, Lil' Xan claims the record label said it would be great promotion for him to date Noah. In other words, the relationship was fabricated for marketing purposes.

Regardless, Lil' Xan started dating Annie Smith, and the pair stated in February that they were expecting their first child. Two months after, Smith said she had a miscarriage. Lil' Xan addressed the controversy, stating it's a possibility she faked the pregnancy. In February, Mongeau stopped dating Bella Throne after approximately one year.

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