Noah Centineo Leaves Flirty Comment Under Selena Gomez Pic: ‘She’s Gorgeous'

Noah Centineo Leaves Flirty Comment Under Selena Gomez Pic: ‘She’s Gorgeous'

New ship alert? It looks like actor Noah Centineo has a little crush on none other than Selena Gomez and he is not afraid to show it! The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star gushed over the singer on social media, leaving a pretty flirty comment under one of her pics.

Upon seeing a throwback, black and white pic of Selena, the 22 year old commented: ‘Bahhhhh she’s gorgeous,’ and also added an exasperated face emoji.

Can you imagine these two actually dating? That would definitely be #CoupleGoals!

Furthermore, it has to be mentioned that this is not even the first time the actor makes his love for Gomez known publicly.

The heartthrob actually talked about her during an interview for Seventeen back in September!

Upon being asked about celebrity crushes, Noah was excited to talk about her.

‘Selena Gomez seems like one of the coolest people. And clearly she just loves love and she is a loving person. I do not know if it is clear because I do not know her, but it really feels that way.’

It sounds like he’s got it bad!

Now, upon learning about his newest flirty comment about the singer, most fans are super supportive and can’t help but want to see them as a romantic pair.

A lot of users think they would be a cute couple and are ‘here for it!’

At this time, it’s unclear if anything will end up happening between the two celebs but shippers are already urging Noah to ‘shoot [his] shot!’

Meanwhile, one source told HollywoodLife that following her hospitalization, ‘Selena's sitting on a ton of new music. She's waiting to be in a place she feels strong enough physically, but also emotionally and mentally before she finally releases more music or an entire album.’


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