Nipsey Hussle's Fans Bash Future For Comparing Himself To Late Rapper

Nipsey Hussle's Fans Bash Future For Comparing Himself To Late Rapper
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There is at least one rapper who thinks he is as important as Nipsey Hussle and he also believes that he is done a lot for the African-American community like the late rapper.

Future, the man, who shares a son with talented singer Ciara and has become infamous for collecting baby mamas, took to social media to say that the world needs more men like him and the activist.

It all started when Young Scooter reposted one of Hussle's old tweets where he was talking about uplifting his entourage and changing the world.

Future jumped in to compare himself to Hussle by writing: "Yeah, we do need more like us... I been teaching and preaching for a decade also showing and proving what hard work and dedication get u."

The Atlanta artist was bashed because many say he is not on Nipsey Hussle's league. Fans are bashing Future for thinking he was an influencer and leader like Hussle.

One person said: "Narcissists always make it about themselves. Always. The audacity to think you’re helping your community by creating children everywhere who will all grow up with a part-time dad at best, Speaking down on black women and hooks about Molly and Percocet. Nah. You aren’t the same. Nope."

This person shared: "The audacity 😤 There is absolutely NO comparison. Future’s comment is blatant disrespect to Nipsey as a man, a father, a son, a leader, and to his legacy. I’m appalled. All future show us is his chains and how many babies he can make, oh n make us dance. This man is delusional. Future represents every piece of what’s wrong with hip hop."

The third comment read: "The only thing @future taught us is that he’s jealous of all this attention Nipsey is getting. Future is THE LITERAL OPPOSITE of Nipsey. Nipsey was there for ONE woman at a time and took of the kids he can count on ONE hand. He needs to fall back on this one cuz he not even in the same hemisphere, let alone sentence as Nip. Hip hop needs to get back to uplifting and giving hope. Like it or not the younger generation only moves to the beat of their own drums, and for most part it's violence. Change the music to empowerment or proceed to suffer the consequences."

Future rarely wins when it comes to music fans on social media.

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