Nipsey Hussle’s Ex, Tanisha Asghedom, Claims Rapper's Family Kicked Her Out Of Her Home, Drops Sad News About Her Living Situation And Does Not Want Samantha Smith To Have Custody Of Her Daughter, Emani

Nipsey Hussle’s Ex, Tanisha Asghedom, Claims Rapper's Family Kicked Her Out Of Her Home, Drops Sad News About Her Living Situation And Does Not Want Samantha Smith To Have Custody Of Her Daughter, Emani
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Nipsey Hussle’s ex, Tanisha Asghedom, who also goes by the name, Chyna Hussle, has made a very long list of claims against the late rapper’s entire family who has made it hard for her to see her ten-year-old daughter, Emani Asghedom.

For the past few weeks, Tanisha Foster has been going back and forth in court over a custody agreement for Emani Asghedom.

Nipsey’s sister, Samantha Smith, and his brother, Samiel Asghedom, have filed court documents to get custody of Emani.

Via TMZ and The YBF , Tanisha has revealed that Nipsey’s family kicked her out of her apartment.

She claimed that the slain businessman and activist was paying for the home. She said Nipsey “gave me substantial sums of cash that I used for the benefit of Emani and myself.”

Tanisha confessed that she is being prevented from seeing her child.

It has been confirmed in new court documents obtained by TMZ , Tanisha said she “always shared the responsibility of parenting Emani.”

She also said Nipsey provided her with money to care for their daughter and herself.

She said that she is against joint guardianship petition filed by Samantha, Samiel and their mother, Angelique Smith.

Tanisha stated: “I strongly oppose both of the petitions filed by Samantha Alexandria Smith, Samiel Asghedom, and Angelique Smith. I am the other of Emani Asghedom, and there is no good reason my rights as her mother should be taken away from me, or otherwise reduced as her mother.”

Tanisha went on to say that she depends on others: “I had to depend on the goodwill of family and friends for my food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Ermias had always provided for these needs up until his date of death.”

One person had this reaction: “I don’t think Nipsey would want his family treating her this way that’s still her mother so they shouldn’t be acting that way with her like fr I know Nipsey wouldn’t want Emani and her mother not to have a relationship like what’s really going on here.”

This backer wrote: “It’s called strategy. They’re trying to get permanent custody of Emani by taking away the apartment and any financial support so to show she has no way of providing for Emani because she has no job and nowhere to live. That aside, he took care of her (which is commendable), so the family should mimic his efforts. On the other hand, she should be self-sufficient. Because parents have more rights than family, the family has to show she’s unfit. So this is the best way to do it. Sad but true.”


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  • Tanya McMillon
    Tanya McMillon Aug 21, 2019 1:49 PM PDT

    Doesn't she have more kids, why is she only trying to get that one? What about the other kids? For that reason, only, I believe she should get on her own 2 feet and tried to get all of her children back.

  • Guwap Da Don
    Guwap Da Don Jul 20, 2019 12:03 PM PDT

    First of all y'all some hypocrite like y'all think yall wouldn't do it to.. Second y'all don't know what (Naybrohood Nip) was doing cuz and the stupid part about all of this is if Nip wanted custody of his daughter don't y'all think he would of been did that... And to kill it the sister and mom and brother trying to keep all that money inside the family so it's not about his baby mom cause if that's the case why wasn't there custody and place before cuz died all this started cause they knew he left alot of money but y'all judge people for a little of everything... And how y'all didn't know if his Baby Mom wasn't going to school are had a job less be real y'all not in they life think before you speak have a nice day

  • mqm
    mqm Jul 18, 2019 7:49 AM PDT

    The first words you spoke were child support and money from Nips see dollar signs....I read your daughter eas in juvenile and has no high school diploma and you wouldn't even sign her out nor did you show up for court dates and your son is living house to had plenty of time to get your life together ..nip paid all your bills so why not go to college ..or get some type of job training to provide for yourself...cry me a river i have no tears or sympathy for you..YOU ARE NOT FIT TO RAISE A DOD LET ALONE A CHILD YOU ONLY WANT THE MONEY GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY AND GET A JOB

  • Angel
    Angel Jul 15, 2019 2:27 PM PDT

    Girl pull your self up by the boots get on your feet keep it moveing stop pondering on what was done for you prove you are fit to provide and no weapons formed against you shall prosper.The End you and your children can live happily ever after bc they are playing chess with you now let's see your next move check mate.

  • Sharon Hyman
    Sharon Hyman Jul 15, 2019 11:16 AM PDT

    I say. Don't keep her child from her. Girl go get a job nd take care of yourself. His family isn't responsible of taking care of you. There is something else going on that's not being said. Anyway I wish you the best. Godbless

  • Deborah Rodgers
    Deborah Rodgers Jul 14, 2019 9:29 PM PDT

    When have we ever seen any family thank care of a man who pass ex woman.especially when the child Is not with her even then that was between her and Nip. Nip Was very smart if he wanted to continue to take care of her he would have put something in writing just like he did for his kid. We don’t even. Know if this is true . His family owns her nothing. She is a bale bodied womAn why isn’t she working . Sam and Nip worked hard to get what they have plus trust and believe she is getting paid for these interviews. I don’t think they took her. Apartment Nip is just not here to give her money so she probably lost it

  • India McKinney
    India McKinney Jul 14, 2019 3:50 PM PDT

    Flawlessly unjust to your niece mother, whatever she did or is doing she still is her mother and I hate to see that you all can come to some kind of agreement for Emani that still is mother she should not be denied to a relationship with her mom. Even if she is unfit if you love Emani give her the right to choose although you may be the better provider don't deny her that option. PEACE

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check Jul 14, 2019 1:34 PM PDT

    She needs to get a JOB!! THE FREE RIDE IS OVERRRRR! If he gave you so much money, where is it??? This woman is lazy. She been lazy. That's obvious. Let's say she gets custody... what will she do once child support ends??? Keep begging? Girl, get up and get your ish together!

  • Vee
    Vee Jul 14, 2019 10:03 AM PDT

    It's NOT their responsibility to take care of her that was Nipseys decision not his families she needs to get a job.

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