Nipsey Hussle's Daughter, Emani Asghedom, Confirms She Is Resilient As Custody Battle With Tanisha Foster Looms On

Nipsey Hussle's Daughter, Emani Asghedom, Confirms She Is Resilient As Custody Battle With Tanisha Foster Looms On
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Even though the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle has had a devastating impact on those around him, it looks like most are still holding up -- including the rapper's daughter, Emani Asghedom, who is currently in the middle of an ongoing custody battle between Tanisha Foster, her mother, and the late activist's family.

According to TMZ , representatives for Lauren London and Sam Ashgedom, Nipsey Hussle's brother, were in court to make the wishes of the entire family of Nipsey Hussle known -- all of whom are apparently firmly against the idea of Tanisha Foster, also known as Chyna Hussle, getting custody of the young girl.

Tanisha has pointed out to the court that the current custody agreement was partially violated at one point, as the young girl was dropped off for her scheduled visitation two hours late.

The family of the late rapper and activist could only explain the situation by pointing out that traffic had been difficult on the way there.

The custody battle is still ongoing, and the final verdict is supposed to be read in about two months.

It looks like both sides have been tense in the situation and have been putting a lot of effort into obtaining custody over the girl, but it is up to the courts to make the final decision in the end.

Fans of the rapper have been divided over the situation as well, with some pointing out that Emani's mother could indeed be a better candidate for taking care of her, despite the disagreements she has with Nipsey Hussle's family.

Taking the girl away from her mother could have some harsh effects on her mentality as well, as others have noted.

However, some backers of the family say Tanisha is not capable of caring for her daughter and she is better suited with the Asghedoms which is where she has been since she was little.

One fan had this reaction: "Are they truly a custody dispute? Nipsey is rolling over in his grave if Nipsey didn’t take his daughter ‘s mother through a custody battle, praying going up for peace within this family 🤔😳❤️❤️❤️."

Another commenter stated: "Didn’t have to she lost her rights to all three of her kids he was awarded sole custody. Praying that custody stays w/Nip family, and her mother keeps her monitored visitation."

This person shared a prayer: "I pray that all is done for the best interest of Emani! I’m grateful she’s in counseling. It’s well needed; I’m sure. However, I pray that she’s able to tell the judge whom she wants to be with and that her family on both sides will be able to respect her choice! Praying that you protect and cover this family and that all turns out for the best! God bless this isn’t easy."

The upcoming months will probably bring more clarity to the situation.

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