Nipsey Hussle's Children, Kross And Emani Asghedom, Wear The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes In New Photos As Lauren London Renews Her Gratitude And Faith

Nipsey Hussle's Children, Kross And Emani Asghedom, Wear The Most Adorable Halloween Costumes In New Photos As Lauren London Renews Her Gratitude And Faith
Credit: Instagram

The children of late rapper Nipsey Hussle looked beyond adorable in their clever Halloween costumes.

Lauren London's cutie pie son, Kross Asghedom, who is three years old, has a real passion for Batman, so no one will be surprised to see him in his favorite superhero costume.

As for Emani Asghedom, the 10-year-old daughter of Tanisha Foster, she opted for a creepy princess/clown costume.

The preteen wore a stunning white dress, matching shoes, a colorful wig, and had half of her face painted in red.

Fans are delighted to see Nipseye's sister, Samantha Smith, having fun with her niece and nephew.

The same day the photos of the children surfaced, rapper The Game shared an emotional tribute to Nipsey, where he also spoke about the family members his lost.

The Game wrote: "It’s #MarathonMonday & I was going to wait till I woke up in the am to post... but then I thought, there’s someone out there now who if I can get them to read this post in time, it might be the difference in whether they live to see tomorrow or not. So this is for “YOU” out there in the world somewhere lost, not knowing precisely what it is you’re doing with your life. Things always seem like they never go your way. Is it money you’re missing, companionship, a father figure ??? Is it backstabbing friends, family issues, debt eating you up ??? Something has you low & being down that far is sucking the life out of you right now... I get it. If anybody can relate, it’s me. At one point or another in my life, I’ve lost everything except my mind, my children & my mama."

He added: "My daddy is gone, two brothers are gone, I got one grandparent left & my homies still dropping like flies out here in LA. Nig*as hate on me, plot on my downfall daily & can’t wait to twist my name up in some bullsh*t in hopes of bringing me down to their level. Naw, ni*ga... you miserable & you can have that. I start counting my blessings from the moment my eyes open every day. Ain’t sh*t that can steal my joy unless it’s something wrong with one of my kids or an immediate loved one. See, you have to build yourself up daily & invest in you. It doesn’t take money to make your heart whole. Pour positivity back into your soul each & every time someone or something tries to pull you in the direction of failure, unhappiness, or a dissentient state of mind. You must f*ck with YOU & stop putting all your faith into people. The world is getting more selfish as the days grow & although there are good people in it, you don’t always have the time to distinguish who’s who ??? So what do we do? We f*ck wit who f*cks with us until they show otherwise & in the process, we will exude nothing but the best energy so that we may not block our own blessings. The key to life is YOU. You have to unlock the door to eternal happiness, starting from within. I’m going to bed, I love all of you.... know that if you don’t know sh*t else about me. I’ll be here..... #TheMarathonContinues. 🏁"

The family is united around the children.


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