Nikkie Tutorials Shockingly Calls Out Ellen Degeneres For Being Rude After She Appeared On Her Talk Show!

Nikkie Tutorials Shockingly Calls Out Ellen Degeneres For Being Rude After She Appeared On Her Talk Show!
Credit: Source: Youtube

Nikkie Tutorials is a beauty guru who rose to popularity for doing amazing makeup transformations on Youtube. She was recently caught in a scandal that forced her to reveal that she is transgender. After the story went positively viral, she was invited to The Ellen Show where the hostess seemed proud of her journey -- but everything is not as it seems.

Nikkie recently revealed that her experience on the talk show was less than friendly. Although Ellen appeared to be warm and welcoming (as she always does), Nikkie claims that she didn't really bother to make her feel comfortable off camera.

The Dutch vlogger appeared on a talk show last month in the Netherlands called De Wereld Draait Door.

When asked about her experience with Degeneres, she hinted that the comedian was rude.

'Let me say that there's a big difference between this show and Ellen DeGeneres, and I'm saying that in favor of this show. It's nice that you say 'hi' before the show. She didn't.'

She agreed with the host who asked if Ellen was cold and distant.

She also reflected: 'It was a huge honor to be on that stage with Ellen, but it wasn't as nice as I thought.'

This comes after the makeup expert refused to be blackmailed by someone who threatened to reveal that she was transgender. Instead of giving in to the coward's demands, she made a coming out video that inspired nearly everyone who watched it.

Not only did her following increase, but she also got more international attention than ever before. There's no doubt if this will open even more doors for the brave woman.

However, to hear that her experience at The Ellen Show was anything less than genuine was disappointing to fans of Ellen and Nikkie alike.

Hopefully, the talk show host was just having an off day.


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  • Diane Hurlebaus
    Diane Hurlebaus Apr 8, 2020 10:26 PM PDT

    Wow! That’s really surprising to hear! Ellen has always given the same impression to me... and that is that her fans are the most important thing of all.....above and beyond! and, if what’s being said is factual, 1st) I’d say its an amazing marketing and branding ploy to force them to wait in the Gift store AND,lI can honestly say I wouldn’t expect to hear that about Ellen DeGeneres And.....#2) To actually have imposter fans winning all of her amazing giveaways (her friends, relatives, or friends of relatives etc etc etc )I’d have to cry a really LOUD FOUL!!!!! Ellen herself would most certainly be the one to suffer some of her celeb status and fame because of it..... OR she Should!!!! Although a lot of celebrities feel it’s “Hollywood”, the way the businesses work, it’s not in anyway a good trait, and it’s not a good value, and it can’t say much for the Network either, but that’s NO SURPRISE!!!! She shouldn’t be able to get away with this. The Network should be sued! Oh wait..... that should be up to the fans themselves to decide..... of which I’m not! She lost me waaay back, many moons ago. Perhaps it was after she acquired her 10th or 11th mansion..... but THAT honestly had zero to do with the fact I was no longer watching the show! But it’s just sad to hear this news..... thought she was down to earth, the real deal. Unfortunate, really!! But not a huge loss to me! Her devoted fans maybe, but not me!

  • Helen turner
    Helen turner Apr 8, 2020 6:09 PM PDT

    I Just cannot believe this of Ellen...she gives all aufience members gifts of money ..televisions and other goods ..if what is being said true the show needs to be shut down...but to me it is unbelievable .....

  • Kamee jennings
    Kamee jennings Apr 6, 2020 9:16 PM PDT

    I have been to the ellen show several times. And i noticed a something last time i was there. Her v.i.p.'s they r the ones that get picked on all her games and give aways. They r friends and relatives of the people that work for her. She has u wait in her little store just so u can buy her merchandise.

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