Nikki Haley Leaving Her Post As UN Ambassador -- Will Jared Kushner Replace Her?

Nikki Haley Leaving Her Post As UN Ambassador -- Will Jared Kushner Replace Her?
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The never-ending soap opera in the White House took another surprising twist on Tuesday morning when US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley abruptly resigned.

And rumors are swirling around claiming that either Jared Kushner or the president's elder daughter, Ivanka Trump, might replace her.

Donald Trump made the announcement that Haley was quitting as she sat next to him in the Oval Office.

Haley explained that she will leave her post by the end of the year and added that it was an honor to serve this country in that capacity.

She told reporters: “It was a blessing to go into the U.N. with body armor every day and defend America. I’ll never truly step aside from fighting for our country. But I will tell you that I think it’s time.”

She went on to add: "Being the United Nations ambassador has been an honor of a lifetime.”

Trump praised Haley by admitting that she did "an incredible job" and is a "fantastic person."

The New Yorker stated: "She's done a fantastic job and we've done a fantastic job together. We've solved a lot of problems, and we're in the process of solving a lot of problems. We're all happy for you in one way, but we hate to lose [you]."

The former reality TV star made Haley an offer she might not resist by telling her she can pick any job she wants if she decides to come back and work for him.

Trump explained: "I think she's helped make it a much better position if you want to know the truth,' he said of her tenure at the United Nations, where she was known for fiery speeches defending America's interests. 'I wonder why, but it is. I mean, she's made it a more glamorous position. She's made it a more important – more importantly, a more important position."

As a woman and a minority who speaks her mind; Haley, a rising star within the Republican Party, is rumored to be prepping a run for president in 2020 if Trump decides not to seek reelection.

She addressed the reports by saying: "No I'm not running for 2020. I look forward to supporting the president in the next election."

Haley called Ivanka a great friend and said this about Kushner: "Jared is such a hidden genius that no one understands."

Trump claims that Haley told him that she was resigning about six months ago; CNN and Axios, the site that broke the news, say that is a lie, and he was blindsided like many other officials in the White House.

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