Nikki Bella Shares A Happy Birthday Message For Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella Shares A Happy Birthday Message For Artem Chigvintsev
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Yesterday, Nikki Bella shared a sweet "happy birthday" post for her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev on his 38th birthday. She Knows reported today that the Total Bellas star took to her IG to congratulate Artem on his big day.

The pregnant former wrestler shared a number of photos of Artem, including one where he's holding his hand on her stomach, with others featuring what are some of their best moments together around the globe. Nikki wrote in the caption, "Happy Birthday My Click!! @theartemc I love you so much!"

Nikki goes on to share her excitement regarding some of her great times with her soon-to-be husband. She also shouted out to their upcoming baby boy. Nikki is gearing up to have her first baby, but despite this, this past week has been a celebration of her family and friends.

For instance, during the season finale of Total Bellas, Nikki showcased the gender reveal party for their child, stating that they were going to have their first baby boy. Bella and her family celebrated the happy day with a Mexican-themed party.

The party was very good news in an otherwise turbulent time for Nikki, who has struggled with the ups and downs of her first pregnancy, including an emergency room visit. With that said, it seems to be going a lot better for her these days.

Before Nikki was engaged to Artem, she was getting ready to marry John Cena, who also came to prominence in the entertainment industry as a professional wrestler. These days, John has been finding a lot more work in movies as well.

John and Nikki's engagement went downhill fast, however, with Nikki bailing out on their wedding at the last minute due to the fact that John didn't want to have kids. Reportedly, Nikki was even seeing a therapist about John not wanting children.

Moreover, Cena was in the headlines for the strict prenuptial agreement he tried to get Nikki to sign. He even had to explain to Nikki's family how he was merely taking care of himself.

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