Nikki Bella Says She Clashed With Twin Sister Brie Over Keeping Her Postpartum Depression From Fiance Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella Says She Clashed With Twin Sister Brie Over Keeping Her Postpartum Depression From Fiance Artem Chigvintsev
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During a joint IG Live session, new mothers Nikki Bella , Brie Bella and Katherine Schwarzenegger chatted about parenthood, relationships and more! That being said, at some point, Nikki opened up about experiencing postpartum depression after welcoming her and Artem Chigvintsev ’s son, Matteo, and hiding it from her fiancé.

At the same time, even though they are so close, she and her twin sister, Brie Bella, ended up clashing over this.

Nikki also mentioned that, her own issues now that she’s become a mother, helped her better understand her sister’s own experience with postpartum depression back in 2017 when she welcomed her daughter, Birdie.

‘You know, it's funny because until you're a mom, it is crazy how eye-opening that is and how difficult. And when Brie first had Birdie, I was just like c'mon, keep up, you can do this... I would just push her a lot and didn't understand when she was like, 'I can't do this,’ Nikki admitted.

Brie went on to confess that new motherhood was a really ‘intense’ time in her life but stressed that she wanted to ‘keep up with my sister [and] to not lose that part of me.’

Nikki revealed that now she is also dealing with postpartum depression, mainly because she feels lonely while Artem is on Dancing with the Stars.

She admitted that she wanted to be a supportive girlfriend but deep down, she still resented him for leaving her all by herself with their son.

‘I was like oh my gosh I can't do this on my own, why did I say I could do this on my own, but now I need to be supportive and just keep my mouth shut and not be negative.’’

But being all tired and stressed out, Nikki admits that she would still end up being really mean to Artem.

The hardest part was actually letting him know what she was really going through.

‘I'll admit, I was just really mean just about certain things. And he was kind of like, 'Whoa.' And I would tell Brie, like, 'Brie, I'm being so mean and it's like I can't even stop myself.' And she's like you really need to talk to Artem. It actually took Brie to call Artem and be like, 'This is what Nicole is going through and she's hiding it and you need to be aware.' So Brie called him. I got so mad. I was like, ‘It's not your place. This is my life! This is my relationship!'' she shared.

But of course, she soon realized that it was the right move and Nikki and Artem were then able to communicate.


He understood why she was like that and felt really bad, recalls Nikki.


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