Nikki Bella Reveals Which Pop Star Helped Her Get Through The Most Challenging Times

Nikki Bella Reveals Which Pop Star Helped Her Get Through The Most Challenging Times
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Nikki Bella has endured a lot of complications in her life in the past year, and the person to back her up through it all comes as a surprise to a lot of her fans. According to Bella, Jennifer Lopez has been in her corner through thick and thin - although, only in spirit.

During the CURVYCon on Saturday, Bella said that J-Lo was a huge inspiration in her life for the longest time. The star said, "So when I do something, and JLo's done it, it just makes me feel like she gives me a lot of confidence."

The star added that she has helped her through a lot of things in life, including whenever she accomplishes a goal in competitive sports. Additionally, Nia Jax, her fellow star on Total Diva , came in and praised her friend whom she worked with on Dancing With The Stars.

Jax said she was like, "d*mn, Nikki," after watching her work through the rigorous training and all of the dances she had to learn. Nikki received the compliment gracefully, adding that the whole thing was "insane."

There were times, the ex-girlfriend of John Cena added, that it was actually a lot tougher than she expected, and it was even harder than her career in the ring.

As for how she managed to get through it all, her sister revealed that Nikki had a glass of champagne before going out there and performing. As it was previously reported, John and Nikki called off their engagement and their wedding because Nikki wanted children and Cena didn't.

It was during the same month of Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry, and the star backed out, explaining that she just couldn't go through with it if John didn't want the same things as her.

Later on, however, some of her fans didn't believe what had really happened, suggesting that it was all used for a plotline on Total Bella s on E!

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