Nikki Bella Posts Makeup-Free And Grey Hair Pic And Celebrates Her 'Flaws' Amid Her Quarantine Pregnancy

Nikki Bella Posts Makeup-Free And Grey Hair Pic And Celebrates Her 'Flaws' Amid Her Quarantine Pregnancy
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Nikki Bella posted another pic of her looking stunning with no makeup on while pregnant and in quarantine, only this time she was accompanied by her fiance, Artem Chigvintsev, who posed by her side. Furthermore, the former WWE star also opened up about her experience expecting her first baby in the caption.

It sounds like Nikki has just been embracing the changes happening to her body during this time.

She shared a sweet pic of her looking fresh-faced and smiling with her fiance Artem and even a few strands of grey hair can be seen!

Obviously, Nikki has been enjoying her time in quarantine and just resting and letting everything happen naturally.

As for her caption, it reads in part: ‘Time for that no filter post. Pregnancy's given me pigmentation on the cheeks and upper-lip with a growing bump which makes me smile every day. Quarantine's reminded me of the sparkles (grays) and of my wild eyebrows. Oh and that I have an amazing chef as my fiance! Who is trying to make me gain a lot more weight than my thighs that are already touching and rubbing would like.’

She went on: ’ Cannot wait for my Laser Away appointments after breast feeding because I have realized there's no boundary to where, when and how much hair wants to grow. Learning to sleep on my side this month has been a challenge especially because it has brought a lot of neck pain back and now my cheeks have some friends that have joined them (pimples lol) can’t wait to get a facial again!’

Obviously, most of the things she’s experiencing are not the most pleasing but Nikki’s relaxed and sweet tone really suggests that she doesn’t mind that much as long as she gets to hold her child sometime this summer.

Check out her whole caption for more great insight and advice about loving ourselves with all our flaws and unavoidable aging.

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