Nikki Bella Jokes That She Wishes Brie Bella Could Have Broken Up With John Cena For Her

Nikki Bella Jokes That She Wishes Brie Bella Could Have Broken Up With John Cena For Her
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Nikki and Brie Bella visited "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to promote the season finale of "Total Bellas." During their interview, Nikki made a joke that some say is going to rip John Cena's heart apart.

As expected, the twins would pull the old 'switcharoo' trick in which they would take each other's places. Brie mentions that she would break up with Nikki's boyfriends for her because there were no emotions involved.

Nikki butts in to joke that she wishes that Brie could've done it with her "last one" to which Brie says it would've actually been a very hard phone call.

The single Bella was alluding to her ex, John Cena.


In this Sunday's season finale, we will see her break up with the wrestler for the second time before their wedding.

Nikki has struggled with feeling like she and John grew apart since the beginning of the installment.

Although things were looking good for the two a few months ago, TMZ recently reported that she was spotted house hunting without Cena. Which we can only assume that the reconciliation everyone was hoping for has yet to happen.

This comes after the Bella twin and John Cena was scheduled to get married in May before calling off the wedding just weeks before.

Originally, the nuptials were canceled because John didn't want kids. After agreeing to father her children, the two called it back on.


Viewers aren't 100 percent sure what will be the reasoning for the second cancellation but are definitely looking forward to the heartbreaking episode to gain insight.

In a clip that you can watch above, the 34-year-old cries before making her final decision: "I just don’t want to hurt him. It’s just hard when you love someone so much and care for them so much, but you just can’t do it anymore. It’s not his fault, it’s not my fault. We’ve had this amazing love story and it’s just come to an end."


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