Nikki Bella And John Cena Are Not Back Together Despite Her Tease On Instagram

Nikki Bella And John Cena Are Not Back Together Despite Her Tease On Instagram
Source: Daily Express

Are Nikki Bella and John Cena back together? A recent Instagram post left many fans questioning the pair’s relationship status. The post in question came out over the recent holiday and featured the two former lovebirds snuggled up in a hot tub overlooking the sunset.

Bella and Cena knew each other for years through the wrestling circuit, but didn’t officially start dating until 2012. The pair ended their one-year engagement in April 2018 and officially called it quits in September 2018 .

Rumors are the couple struggled to agree whether or not to have children.

Sources tell TMZ that Bella and Cena have not reconciled nor do they have plans of rekindling their relationship. Bella reportedly posted the photo along with a series of others, all of which included other important people in her life.

Sorry fans, but this one has to be chalked up to some simple holiday sentimentality. Nikki Bella and John Cena are not together and there doesn’t seem to be reconciliation on the horizon.

Bella is reportedly very happy where she and Cena are in their relationship and separate lives.

She expressed hopes that Cena would not contact her on her November 21 birthday, saying that she’d be happy if he reached out with well wishes, but would hate to see it used as an opportunity to rekindle anything romantic.

As for Cena, sources say he had no desire to contact Bella for her birthday, commenting that he wants to show his respect for her by letting her maintain her focus on her life, friends, and family.

In other news on the gorgeous WWE star, Nikki Bella recently made headlines with another Instagram post. She shared a racy photo of herself in black lace panties and bra from her co-founded brand, Birdiebee. In the caption she announced the brand’s Black Friday sales, giving fans another nice holiday treat.

Nikki Bella has also recently sparked dating rumors with Bachelorette alum Peter Kraus.

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