Nikki Bella Admits She Is Still In Love With John Cena Amid Rumors She Is Finally Moving On

Nikki Bella Admits She Is Still In Love With John Cena Amid Rumors She Is Finally Moving On
Credit: Source: NY Post

Nikki Bella is ready to find love, but she has to get over losing John Cena first. In a new trailer for Season 4 of Total Bellas , Nikki confessed that she has struggled finding a new man because she is still in love with her former fiancé.

Nikki and Cena were about to tie the knot before ending their engagement in Season 3 of Total Bellas .

According to ET Online , Nikki told her sister, Brie Bella, that men are confusing because she is "still in love with him."

"I'm single... A mid-30s crisis," Nikki shared. "Maybe I have some symptoms."

Brie then told the cameras that her sister is ready to date again before the clip cut to Nikki going on a few dates. This includes going on a motorcycle ride with Artem Chigvintsev, who was her partner on Dancing With the Stars .

The video also shows Nikki enjoying some alone time with Peter Kraus, whom fans may recognize as a former contestant on The Bachelorette . When Kraus attempts to kiss the WWE star, she confesses that Cena is the only man she has kissed in the past nine years.

While Nikki tries to sort out her dating life, it appears like her issues will follow her into the ring.

During a wrestling match, Ronda Rousey is shown teasing Nikki about how the "only door you ever knocked down was the door to John's bedroom."

The fact that Nikki is dating again comes as a surprise to many Total Bellas fans. A few months ago, Nikki admitted that she was not ready to date anyone and was still trying to discover who she is and what she wants in a relationship.

As far as John Cena is concerned, he has not said much about his dating life. The wrestler recently revealed that he keeps busy at work and would rather not discuss what happens in his personal life.


It is unclear if Nikki Bella has found a new man, but it looks like her dating drama will unfold in the new season of Total Bellas .


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