Nikki Bella About Romance With Artem Chigvintsev: ‘We’re Not BF And GF’ - Still Dating Other People!

Nikki Bella About Romance With Artem Chigvintsev: ‘We’re Not BF And GF’ - Still Dating Other People!
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While it is true that Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev are romantically involved, it turns out that they are not exclusive! The Total Bellas star admitted that she’s still dating other people!

On her and sister Brie’s podcast earlier today, Nikki opened up about her relationship status for the first time!

‘Yeah, we’re dating. There ya go! We’re having fun. He’s showing me L.A.,’ Nikki stated.

But then, her twin insisted she revealed more about their relationship, asking her: ‘So you guys are sleeping together and you can sleep with other people?’

‘For adults, I feel like dating is sleeping together. Of course,’ Nikki replied.

As fans remember, Nikki and Artem were dancing partners on Dancing With the Stars back in 2017, and it looks like their chemistry on screen translated in real life as well!

At the time, however, she was still engaged with John Cena.

The two put an end to their longtime relationship last summer, and  at the beginning of this year, rumors started going around that she and Artem were a couple.

Lately, they’ve been caught spending a lot of time together, with Nikki even getting caught by the paparazzi outside the man’s house.

Finally, during the Total Bellas season finale a couple of days ago, their romance was officially confirmed.

Nikki shared that ‘Our first official date without cameras, just us, was Christmastime. We went on our first ever date over Christmas, then he went on tour. Then, the week he comes back from tour, we go on 3 dates in a row and I stay at his house twice, and I get caught [by the paparazzi].’

Once again, the wrestler and reality TV star addressed the nature of their relationship, saying that ‘Yes, we are dating. Yes, I spend the night at his house. Yes, we have date lunches and we like to get produce at the Farmer’s Market. Artem and I are dating. We are not engaged. We are not married. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend. We do not say I love you.’


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