Nikita Dragun Gushes Over BFF Kylie Jenner - ‘She’s Such A Boss’

Nikita Dragun Gushes Over BFF Kylie Jenner - ‘She’s Such A Boss’
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During a brand new interview, YouTuber and transgender icon Nikita Dragun opened up about her friendship with none other than Kylie Jenner! Here’s what she had to say about the makeup mogul and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star!

The beauty vlogger was in attendance at the Siwear Sunglasses event by Hrush Achemyan and that is when she chatted with HollywoodLife about, among other things, her reality TV star pal.

Nikita and Kylie have been good friends for a while so she was able to offer some fresh insight into Kylie’s life.

When asked if she was planning a collab with Kylie or even Kim, Nikita replied: ‘I just think that they are such incredible ‘boss’ women, and have redefined so much and I think that in any way I can support other amazing CEOs, and they’re honestly the nicest people ever. So I mean, I’m always down to collaborate with the girls and to have a moment, they’re so great.’

She went on to share something fans may not have been aware: ‘When I went to Kylie’s Kylie Skin launch party she was just so good at rollerskating and I was like ‘shook.’ She’s like the best, she was laughing at me and I was over here struggling to keep my wig on.’

Of course, the news outlet was also curious to know if the rumors that Kylie and Travis are getting married are true or not!

‘Girl, I don’t know you can go ask her that, I don’t f***ing know. I’m so worried about myself and I’m in my own fantasy I really don’t know anything about those to be honest,’ the YouTuber said about that.


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