Nike Denies Suspending Online Sale Of Kobe Bryant Products, Trying To Control Resellers

Nike Denies Suspending Online Sale Of Kobe Bryant Products, Trying To Control Resellers
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The legacy that Kobe Bryant left behind is really important to his loved ones and family, and also for fans - for all the people who he managed to inspire to be great. But, just like it happened following the death of Nipsey Hussle, there are some folks who are thinking to profit off of other people's trauma.

Well, The Shade Room reports that Nike is trying to make sure that this doesn't happen in Kobe Bryant's case. Here's what they recently reported:

'According to @ESPN, Nike has made the decision to remove all Kobe-related items from the store. As of now, the only product that will show up in searches a purple and yellow Nike gift card with the Lakers' logo printed on it,' TSR writes.

TSR continued and reported that 'The company has reportedly made the decision in an attempt to control how people buy and sell Kobe's products for their own gain. They would prefer that resellers were not able to stockpile Kobe products.'

But, it's been revealed that Nike did not suspend the online sale of the products - they were just sold.

Someone said: 'Man. People have no tact or compassion trying to capitalize off of this man's death and legacy 💔' and another follower said: 'Mad respect for this! 🙏🏽 Too many companies profit off the people’s death I Stan🙌🏼'

One other follower posted this: 'that's dumb as hell it's just gone make the stuff already out even more valuable,' and one other follower said: 'Nahhhh, the NBA store isn’t stupid they know Kobe stock just skyrocketed. They took them down to later put them back for 3x the original price.'

Someone else said: 'They didn’t do it to honor him they did it to profit as much off of his demise as possible so nobody else wouldn’t,' and another follower posted this: 'How are they going to try to control resell when they created resell... Now all of a sudden it’s an issue, if you would start making more pairs, then you wouldn’t have a resale issue @nike.'

Someone else said: 'Causeeeeee it was ridiculous when they were doing it to Nipsey smh ... the disrespect.'

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