Nightmare Husband! PRINCE’s Wife Reveals He Would “Humiliate” And Manipulate Her!

Nightmare Husband! PRINCE’s Wife Reveals He Would “Humiliate” And Manipulate Her!

Although he was a beloved rock icon, as a husband, Prince was a nightmare! At least that’s what his first wife, Mayte Garcia, to whom he was married for ten years claims in her new tell-all book, The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince.

According to Garcia, Prince not only manipulated and bullied her during their marriage but also abandoned and “humiliated” her in the aftermath of a family tragedy.

The wife claims that they met when she was only 16 years old and he insisted she changes her name to Arabia. Despite her refusal to do such a thing, the singer called her Arabia even in letters.

At 17 she joined his world tour and he became her legal guardian. During that time he only paid her $300 per week and she was forced to steal scraps from the room service carts left in the hallway at hotels.

Prince would punish her when he thought she ate too much and even humiliated her in front of his dancers.

In addition, he required her to always dress nicely.

“One off day I arrived wearing sweatpants, and Prince made me go home and change,” she writes. “I was annoyed and humiliated.”

He even ordered her to get V-shaped bangs despite her reluctance.

In 1996, their infant son, Amiir died and during the mother’s grieving time, Prince would never be by her side. Once, the woman got an infection and she asked him to accompany her to the hospital but Prince looked straight ahead and shook his head.

Garcia was so devastated that she thought about committing suicide. After Amiir’s death, she suffered a miscarriage and the tragedy added to her depression even more.

When she delivered the sad news to Prince, he allegedly said “I need to get back to the studio” and “walked toward the door.”

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