Nigerian Artist Burna Boy Slams Blac Chyna For Selling Her Skin Lightening 'Poison'

Nigerian Artist Burna Boy Slams Blac Chyna For Selling Her Skin Lightening 'Poison'
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It was recently reported that no one was here for Blac Chyna when she advertised a skin lightening product on her social media account. Now, things go even deeper.

For starters, Rob Kardashian has also reacted to the news that his baby mama is now selling skin bleaching/whitening skin products.

Rob is upset that Chyna is promoting and selling such dangerous products that also teaches young girls including their daughter, Dream Kardashian, that their skin tone is not beautiful enough.

Now, a Nigerian rapper, Burna Boy also slams Chyna for doing this. The Shade Room reported the news.

Someone believes that 'The problem is not her selling or promoting to those who are already using it but her promoting it to young girls showing them clearly that being lighter is better and bleaching is the road to success !!! I’m not worried about the aunties bleaching already they are adults and made their choice with or without chyna but what message she is bringing to the young one ??‍♀️ bleach and strip if you want make it ? ??‍♀️ IM WORRIED FOR MY LITTLE SISTERSSS !!!!!'

Another commenter seemed to somehow defend Chyna and said 'Bleaching products are sold on every street corner in Nigeria. A million girls on Instagram sell homemade bleaching products. Bleaching is bad but this sudden faux outrage by Nigerians is hilarious at best!!!'

Someone else posted 'All these black men that worship light skin women.. now want to come and tell women to love their black skin ??? Burna show your wifey and the women you like. So I see if you are ignorant or not. ?'

What do you think about all this? Do you agree with this kind of products or not?

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