Niecy Nash Reveals Why She Backed Out Of Her Church Group

Niecy Nash Reveals Why She Backed Out Of Her Church Group
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Niecy Nash used her church as a foundation of support during some of the more difficult times in her life, however, in a new documentary about her faith, the star claimed she didn't always find the support she needed.

BET picked up on a four-part docu-series from UMC recently, Behind Her Faith , in which the 50-year-old star claimed she "ran from pain for a long time."

According to Nash, she felt a bit disenfranchised and confused by the fact many of the women in the group just wanted to talk about recipes all of the time, rather than grow into one's faith and find further clarity with God.

Nash went on to say that she didn't know what was even happening in the group. She found herself asking whether they were "going to start growing," and her different perspective toward the group even had the effect of almost ruining it.

The Claws alum stated she was sick and tired of the way she had been engaging with life. As fans of the actress know, she's been through difficult times, including when her mother, Margaret Ensley, was shot by her boyfriend when she was just 15-years-old.

People Magazine reported that Ensley managed to push through the horrible incident and live, but around eight years later, Niecy's younger brother was shot and killed at his high school. The star explained in the docu-series that praying to God has helped her get through traumatic life events.

Additionally, Nash has dealt with other personal challenges, including her divorce with Jay Tucker, which was in the headlines earlier this year. Bridget Hill reported on the 10th of March that Jay and Niecy were in the middle of dividing up their property.

With that said, their separation won't be official in the eyes of law until June of 2020. TMZ was the first to report on the legal documents, which revealed Niecy would be keeping their Bell Canyon, California home, in addition to their 2016 Tesla.

Furthermore, she would retain ownership of her company, Chocolate Chick, while Jay would keep his 2011 Ford truck in addition to a $180,000 check.

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