Niecy Nash Bares It All (Almost) As She Celebrates Turning 50 - 'I'm Living My Blessed Life'

Niecy Nash Bares It All (Almost) As She Celebrates Turning 50 - 'I'm Living My Blessed Life'
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Claws star Niecy Nash says she’s living a “blessed life” as she turns 50. Four months after splitting from her husband of eight years, Jay Tucker, Nash says things have never been better for her as she stripped-down to a crystal thong for pics that were part of a semi-nude photoshoot to document the milestone birthday.

Nash told People magazine that as she approached her “50th trip around the sun,” she decided to take some pictures to “really cement the occasion.” Her sexy photo shoot was her way of saying that she’s never been better in her life.

“There is something about knowing exactly who you are and curating a life that brings you joy every day,” said Nash.

The Reno 911 alum admits that the backlash she received online and from some of her family members after her split from Tucker was difficult to deal with. She says that she felt she was “becoming” for a while, and now that the things she was becoming have manifested, she is out of the cocoon and has her wings.

However, her newfound happiness isn’t just because of her divorce. Nash - who also went through a painful split from her first husband, Pastor Don Nash, the father of her three children: Dominic, 28, Donielle, 25, and Dia, 20 - also suffered severe trauma as a child. The actress witnessed her mother get shot, and she also lost her brother due to gun violence.

She says that therapy helped her unpack the childhood trauma, and that’s a gift that people don’t give themselves enough.

“I’m not reborn because I got divorced,” explained Nash. “I’m reborn because I met myself at a different space and I unpacked all of my childhood trauma, all of the things that had gone unaddressed or unnoticed and decided to live my life in a different way.”

Now, Nash has two Netflix projects in the works and she is also developing her own shapewear line. She says that she wants women to feel good about themselves because they have enough pressure when they walk out the front door.

When Niecy Nash posted some of her pics from the photo shoot on Instagram, she wrote in the caption that she was tipping her hat to those who don’t run from the truth or hide their pain. She said that she sees and loves those who have had to begin over and over because that is her.

“We got this!” wrote Nash. “Taking my 50th trip around the sun happier than I’ve ever been! #50andWinning.”

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