Nicole Young And Dr. Dre's Divorce Gets Messy - Court Documents Reveal 3 Of Dr. Dre's Alleged Mistresses

Nicole Young And Dr. Dre's Divorce Gets Messy - Court Documents Reveal 3 Of Dr. Dre's Alleged Mistresses
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For twenty-four years, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young seemed like a happily married couple, Hot New Hip Hop reported today, but it appears as though things have really taken a turn for the worse. As most know, Nicole and Dre began their divorce proceedings earlier this year.

After nearly three decades of marriage, Dr. Dre and Nicole Young have been fighting in a court of law over money and other issues. As most know, Dr. Dre is currently worth billions of dollars on account of his various successes, including his massive deal with Apple in which the technology company bought Dre Beats.

Amid news of their legal battle, it was revealed earlier this year that Dr. Dre won the first round of their dispute , after Nicole's request to receive $1.3 million for her security tab was shut down by a judge.

Reportedly, their dispute has continued to unravel, with Nicole revealing that Dre supposedly had three women on the side. Hot New Hip Hop says Nicole is now asking for the women to testify in their divorce case.

The Daily Mail was the first to reveal that Nicole Young and her legal team are trying to subpoena three different women which she has claimed are his mistresses. Some of the women including Cyrstal Rogers, Kili Anderson, and Jillian Speer.

According to The Daily Mail, all of the aforementioned women are fighting her request to testify in the trial. While it's currently unclear if the women will appear before a judge, Hot New Hip Hop and other outlets have suggested the estranged couple are currently waiting to hear whether their prenuptial agreement is valid or not.

Dre and his legal team claim the mega-producer ripped up their prenuptial agreement in what was supposed to be a romantic gesture. However, they argue that what was agreed upon in the document is still valid in the eyes of the law.


As followers of the case know, Dre and Nicole split up in the summer months of 2020. And they wouldn't be the first time that celebrities divorced amid the coronavirus quarantine.

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